Cura Canvas
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All Women Have to Brave their Demanding Life. 

Add clarity to your bravery when you see your Whole Life on One Canvas...the practical and easy to apply, Cura Canvas™

The Cura Canvas™ is your life's canvas

Cura derives from the Latin phrase, "Cura Personalis", meaning care for the entire person. It's time to gain a new perspective for your very busy life and focus on ALL of you, not just the "stuff" you've got to get done.

The Cura Canvas™ is an innovative life management vision map.  It's masterful design by Angela Tezeno is based on 7 building blocks that target 7 specific areas of your life. It's the perfect vision map for you to organize and optimize all the moving parts of your very busy life and make your life work with ease!

The Cura Canvas™

Life is demanding and when you see your whole life on the Cura Canvas™, your whole outlook changes.  You gain the perspective you need to manage your busy life better.

The Cura Canvas™ is a practical, innovative life management tool designed by life management expert, Angela Tezeno that targets the 7 life areas of every woman's life.

The Cura Canvas™ is the perfect vision map to organize and optimize your life so you can make your life work with ease.

The Perfect Vision Map

The Cura Canvas™ is the perfect vision map for you to ponder, consider, describe, plan, and design a life of total fulfillment and balance.

Organize & Optimize Your Life

Organize & Optimize your very busy life using the 7 key target life areas including your spiritual life, self, relationships, health and fitness, leisure, finances, business/career.

Make Your Life Work with Ease

Life is lot of work. See your life from a brand new perspective and manage your busy life on the Cura Canvas™ to make your life work FOR YOU the easy way.

 Design the Life You've Always Wanted on the Cura Canvas™

Activate and Practice the Cura Canvas™ at a Cura Your Life workshop.

Angela knows a thing or two about a demanding life. Between being a wife, mom of three teenagers, a middle school teacher, author, speaker, and small business owner, she knows what it's like to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and out of time.  BUT, Angela gets "IT ALL" done and you can too by navigating your life busy life through the Cura Canvas™.

Angela designed the Cura Canvas™ for busy women just like herself who desperately needed to manage all the moving parts of life.  Life is a work of art and you too can design the life you've always wanted...a life that's functional, effective--perfect as possible.

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Stay Charged with the Cura Canvas™

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