Angela Tezeno
Founder of Cura Your Life™| Cura Your Life™ is a brand of the Cura Culture Company

Angela Tezeno, the Mountain Movin’ Motivator .

People call Angela the Mountain Movin' Motivator who can exhort anybody to greatness!

About Angela Tezeno

As a leading life management expert, Angela is leading women to navigate their very busy lives and achieve greatness. Like only she can, Angela delivers the powerful message on balance and fulfillment at the intersection of change-- where the message and motivation meet. Her passion-filled, highly interactive "life labs" instill, inspire, and ignite women to take action and achieve a purposeful, fulfilling and balanced life.

Angela is the visionary behind the Cura Culture brand, a life management lifestyle brand for very busy people. Sharing her joy and her incredible ability to engage and connect women is what makes her workshop, Cura Your Life a fun, interactive, hands-on "life lab" that changes women's lives for the better.

When you're ready to connect with one of the world's leading experts in bringing women together for a life-changing experience, Angela can help; she is sure to engage a movement that provokes change for a better you to gain a better life.

"Mountain Movin' Motivator herself, Angela Tezeno! Who can find a virtuous woman? Angela delivers an electrifying message of hope, power, and inspiration which provokes women to search deep within the soul to rediscover true purpose, destiny, and value."

Mary R.

Lake Charles, LA

Angela works with organizations to help team members manage their busy lives so they can work better.

United Way of Southwest Louisiana

Human Resource Mgmt. Association

Iberia Bank

Calcasieu Parish School Board

SWLA Economic Development Alliance


Women Population

Women all over the world would love to live a life that's functional, effective--perfect as possible.


Angela's Years of Experience

Angela has been spreading the message of passion, purpose, and power for over 20 years.


Impact Goal

Number of women Angela will positively impact all over the world.

Angela was born to inspire and empower women to greatness


We don't decide for you what yours should be, we just help you achieve them.

Personal Fulfillment

Witness for Christ, Proud Wife and Mother, Advocate, and Community Leader

Professional Achievements

Educator, Author, Speaker, and an Award-winning Entrepreneur

Living the Dream

Living a successful, meaningful life that brings glory to God in family, ministry, and business

Connect with Angela to achieve your next celebration and milestone!

Whether you want a fresh start on your brand new journey or just need to make adjustments on your current path to your greatness, connect with Angela to be your purpose partner.

Angela Tezeno has the “Cura” for Your Very Busy Life.

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