The Workshop
by Cura Your Life™ | Better you...better life.™

Life is demanding.

Enjoy a day with Angela Tezeno and learn how to "Cura" your very busy life.

Based on Angela's #1 Life Management Book for Very Busy People!

Discover how the Cura Your Life Workshop is the solution for learning how to manage a busy life and make life work with ease.

The Cura Your Life Workshop with Angela Tezeno is a Game Changer!

Angela works with organizations to help team members manage their busy lives so they can work better.

United Way of Southwest Louisiana

Human Resource Mgmt. Association

Iberia Bank

Calcasieu Parish School Board

SWLA Economic Development Alliance

Angela's Power-Packed Workshop Brings Women Together for a Fun, Highly Interactive, and Hands-on mini Life Lab

It's the workshop that connects and engages women who are overworked, overwhelmed, & out of time to conquer the chaos of a demanding life.

Cura Canvas™

Life is a work of art.

Design the life you've always wanted on the Cura Canvas™.

The Cura Design

Start building the life of your dreams.

You're not just a fixer upper. Begin your total life re-construction.

A Cura'd™ Life

Enjoy every moment of your every day life.

Be a successful women of balance and fulfillment--Live It Up!

People are Experiencing Amazing Results

"My decision-making is more focused, which is helping me to accomplish" the important tasks and objectives in my life. I've been able to clearly define the goals that are most relevant. I feel like I am getting things done, a very satisfying feeling."

By Kim W.

Atlanta, GA

"Angela’s workshop was practical, interesting, and effective. I am already using the 3 steps to improve my marriage and career."

By Sue G.

Lake Charles, LA

Prepare for a power-packed workshop that joins women from all walks of life who want the exact same thing... a successful life of balance and total fulfillment.

Who Should Book Angela for a workshop?

Any decision maker who feels like your team is overworked, overwhelmed, and out of time should book a workshop!

The Workshop can be customized to fit the schedule of your event. We suggest a classroom style setting appropriate for's the best fit for our highly interactive mini life lab.

What Can Participants Expect at the Workshop?

The Workshop is a highly interactive mini life lab. You can expect to:

  • Laugh a lot and have tons of fun.
  • Connect and Collaborate with busy women just like you.
  • Learn practical steps to make your life work.
  • Learn how to organize and optimize the 7 Target Areas of your very busy life.

What's the Take-a-way from the Workshop?

You'll learn more about yourself than you ever though possible. Plus you'll learn how to:

  • Effectively manage your daily responsibilities.
  • Eliminate overwhelming anxiety due to over-scheduling.
  • Bring balance to unbalanced and conflicting schedules.
  • AND much more!

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